Retrock AW 2013 by Eve Deak

photo: Eve Deak

MUA: Fruzsi Kemeny

models: Zsofi & Dori @Maverick Agency

886124_655080147865428_128816002_o 994954_655080734532036_500717782_n 1264652_655080224532087_1615203164_o 1380267_655078031198973_1669273636_n 1381798_655079377865505_310586872_n 1382435_655078174532292_1308025018_n 1390740_655081614531948_347025988_n 1391438_655081391198637_1175178508_n 1392724_655079664532143_75522225_n 1395242_655081451198631_1574630755_n 1397701_655077567865686_133921866_o 1399651_655077381199038_1222796482_o 1403299_655077731199003_1527201992_o dori


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